Mobile Application

Develop interoperable, scalable & flexible mobile applications with industry-specific technology experts with years of combined experience for all kinds of industries.

  • Development of mobile apps using agile methodologies.
  • Agile approach to deliver world class Android and iOS apps.
  • Knowledge of multiple platforms and open technologies.
  • High success ratio in delivering mobile applications.
  • Design and development of mobile applications at an affordable price.

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Wth us leverage OTT analytics, video content management systems, and content monetization techniques to deliver seamless end-to-end video OTT solutions.

  • We provide smooth transition OTT services
  • Providing your customers the freedom of location
  • Help you reach a mass audience with robust live streaming
  • Target niche audience with better data analytics
  • Reach more customers with an attractive OTT platform

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Cloud Services

Our cloud services are delivered to meet your every need. With our end-to-end cloud services you can develop and manage services, and infrastructure security.

  • No need to worry about security and database maintenance.
  • Better reliability and uptime with our cloud service infrastructure.
  • Multiple storage infrastructures also with necessary backup infrastructure
  • Enhanced flexibility while maintaining a balance with pricing.
  • Improved manageability and scalability

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Data & AI

The Data and AI services we provide at Jhnvi Soft generate real growth for your company, by driving data into insights. Get ready to optimize processes, enhance ROI, and generate data-driven sales for your company.

  • Opportunity to utilize ML and what-if analysis in real-world applications.
  • Data stays competitive and drives innovation.
  • Mark an impact with powerful visualization
  • Change the business process with AI-driven analytics
  • Creating a smart organization With Jhnvi Soft

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Website Development

Utilize latest the most advanced web development technologies with Jhnvi Soft and design and develop highly attractive websites.

  • Unmatched expertise and experience for robust website development.
  • Reduced development time with a reduction in development costs.
  • Add more value by eliminating time-suckers and performing frequent sanity checks.
  • Creating highly visually appealing, interactive, and engaging for visitors
  • Development of search engine-friendly websites by our website developers. in their database.

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UI/UX Designing

Best web development solutions using multiple platforms with a comprehensive range of desktop and mobile UI/UX development to maximize performance, graphics, and security.

  • Special attention to the requirement of target audience and ROI for our customers.
  • We aim to make the user’s interaction the shortest and most effective.
  • Solutions designed keeping possible technical implementations, and limitations in mind.
  • Our QA specialists ensure that interface elements display properly on different devices.
  • We ensure the best design services for better user experience and usability.

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Web Designing

Get a website created by expert web designers and make a good impression on your visitors. Increase your brand awareness and quadruple your sales with world-class web designing.

  • Help boost your search engine ranking
  • Higher conversion rate by boosting your online presence
  • Optimize your customer experience with positive web design
  • Help reduce maintenance costs with responsive website design
  • Improve brand reputation with interactive website design

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E-commerce Service

Sell directly to your customers around the world through your own online store or a marketplace with  affordable eCommerce development services from Jhnvi Soft

  • Customer engagement and experience are our top priorities.
  • We analyze and evaluate digital investments and measure their ROI
  • Brand Equity and business growth are our main focus.
  • By delivering superior e-commerce service, we enhance the value of your brand
  • Identifying greater business opportunities for you through data analytics.

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Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing experts can develop a digital marketing strategy that will help convert your visitors into leads and sales.

  • Stay on top of the trend with the latest marketing tactics
  • Get more insights on your customer data with Jhnvo soft digital marketing.
  • Reach a wider mass audience with the latest marketing practices.
  • Build trust among your customers with top-notch digital marketing
  • Improve your conversion and lead generation rate with Jhnvi Soft

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