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Jhnvi Soft provides end-to-end Roku app development services efficiently. In its many years of service, Jhnvi Soft has been catering to smooth and transitional Roku app development for thousands of clients.

The base of Roku was set in 2002 when Anthony Wood was first founded in the given year. Following many stories, Roku launched its first set-top box in 2008 and finally began offering various capabilities and models in 2010. 2010 is the official-established year of Roku.

Jhnvi Soft welcomes publishers who aspire to design, construct and launch Roku apps for professional purposes with the right and proper usage of metadata, images, files, navigation structure, and content in an integrated media cloud management system.

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With developers who have worked across several successful projects on Roku Apps, Jhnvi Soft provides you with robust, efficient, reliable, and careful Roku app development services on Multiple Roku media platforms.

Choose Jhnvi Soft, as with us, everything is easy, from uploading, sorting, and publishing to deactivating all Roku media content and keeping up with reports and stats on regional location and viewership. Get the ultimate advisory solution on your personal Roku app development and discuss the goals, project requirements, expectations, and strategy from experts for your Roku and Set-top box services.

Jhnvi Soft ensures a compatible delivery of Roku App Development solutions backed by a proven and tested delivery model.

Take control of Navigation, Categories, Channels, Graphics, Branding, and Metadata to your control and continue building, customizing, structuring, and expanding the features per your vision.

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Roku Apps: A Cord-Cutter Secret

Choose the best Roku App development company in USA and India.

Seamless streaming with Dependability and Simplicity

Extensive Features to Enhance the Viewer Experience.

Reliability, Dependability, and Efficacy

Roku app development is all easy with us

Get going seamlessly with your Roku app project with customized, accurately-tailored, and easy-going solutions with us.

Our solutions come with integrated CRM to enable you to reach out with queries in admin, critical analysis, pipeline management, and integration of multiple functions with your Roku app. Integrate your CRM with us and get access to all real-time solutions and seamless operation streaming.
Our experienced Roku App developers will dedicatedly work to bring your ideation to the product. From app developers, ad experts, and visual designers to the customer support and management team, everyone works effortlessly to create a customized and as-per-demand Roku application.
From code writing, designing, and developing to testing, everything is done by our in-house team of top Roku developers. Our coders have extensive experience in the application development field as a whole. We do everything from building the app infrastructure to designing the perfect layout.
The methods of our Roku app development are agile. It accelerates transparency and pacifies development speed. We keep you updated on the integrations in the application and are well aware of the functionality it will swear by. From features to applications, our clients know it all. There’s no gap left unfilled!
From making and developing the Roku app to submitting it to the Roku channel store, we do it all. It includes listing, providing descriptions, technical delivery, and regional submission. We also communicate the deadlines with our clients and maintain the date locked upon mutual consignment.
As the best Roku App development company, we assist you with your app maintenance and support across customizations that would rightly cater to all your personalized needs. You get everything from upgrading OS and channel to providing app support to a combination of both!

Our Roku Kit

Delivering Applications That Suits Your Needs and Brings Delight

Coding Language

Despite the Roku language being a barrier in the developers' community, our authentic framework with multiple utilities simplifies the project with ‘Brightscript coding language’ in the hope to create a futuristic library for the developer’s community. The BrighScript platform sets the UI on the platform with the BrightScript component.

Consistent UI

Although scene graphs have enabled slick UI experiences on Roku. We consistently build strategies to work on concerns that render a rich experience in low-end devices. The MVC (Model View Controller architecture) is followed for scalability and consistency. The inbuilt history navigator enables the management of complex navigation but with a low memory requirement.


Multiple utility components come in use with streaming apps. There are notable pitfalls and headaches while fetching data over networks, returning inconsistent data types, and storing local persistent data with Brightscript. To simplify everything and enable development in multiple languages, our kit brings humongous utility folders to detangle development.

Innovation and Personalization

Our Roku application development helps the audience explore the platform's capabilities and get a personalized Roku experience. The experience gets added to SceneGraph and BrightScript, and Scene Graph for personal and commercial apps. We align the apps to meet industry standards and customize devices to meet the innovation spirit.

Channel Testing Tools

The Roku application channel is tested on various streaming platforms that expose the application to a production environment before release. Our beta testing helps us understand the channel's visibility and navigate performance. The channel is tested, and several rebuffers are taken to help in the analysis of crash reports.

App Upgradation

An after-app construction feature includes monitoring the application for regular bug checks and the latest install to meet the needs. Our service comes with compliance features to help you structure the app with changing needs and demands. It is timely updated, and the functionality is regularly tracked.


Industries We Work In

Enabling Multiple industries, enhance scalability and functionality With Our Roku app development Services.

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Energy Resources and Utilities
  • Education
  • E-Commerce
  • Independent Software Vendors(ISVs)

About us

Jhnvi Soft is a leading app development company that aspires to enable individuals and organizations with quick, effective, and robust solutions to enhance scalability and prioritize efficiency in results.

We are only an ordinary company that works with an understanding of the client's vision and goals. Our team sits with yours to brainstorm ideas that would rightly cater to building mobile applications as per needs. After understanding our customer's product vision, we assign specific developers to the task and help them with in-depth research.

After releasing the app, we monitor the product and all usage to analyze what we can do better for the product’s growth in the market. From idea to reality to beyond, our service is end-to-end locked!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For all development and exposures to interface sets to platform services, the Roku SDK uses Brightscript programming through Brightscript components.
    Yes, you can! You first require the set-up of Roku developer, customer, and billing accounts. Further, log in to the dashboard of Roku developers and create a Roku channel with the help of the ‘Manage My Channel’ tab. Then you would require some follow-along steps on the screen that you require to complete. The best thing to do is to get it done through experts.
    The Roku channel is designed to bring the audience a wider range of programming. Users can choose according to their needs and their various streaming moods. As many as 250+ channels are freely accessible in one Roku Channel of a given country.
    The Roku developer program helps content ideation generators build applications for specific channel stores. The SDK of the developer brings various tools that help create and customize the application from the beginning.
    Some of the best secret channels of Roku in 2022 include The Space Opera Channel, EI Cartel TV, iTunes Podcast, Euro Roku, Wilderness Channel, AOLOn, unofficial Twitch TV, Nowhere TV, and more.
    The Roku device comes with SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) that helps with external control discoverable services. A simple restful API is ECP that is accessible by multiple programs in all virtual environments.
    You needn’t pay anything to watch free channels and use a Roku device. The only thing you need to pay is subscriptions for channels like Netflix, Sling TV (cable replacement services), TV show rentals from Apple TV (and other services), and movies.
    The Roku OS runs on Roku and is not very compatible with iOS jailbreaking methods and standard Android.
    To access the Roku secret menu from the Roku platform, press Home five times, press Fast Forward, pause, rewind, pause, and fast-forward. The platform’s secret menu will then open.
    Roku no longer supports hidden and private channels. This is because they most likely want to focus on using channel store tool kits, especially for development purposes. For this, the channel is tested to ensure its proper functioning before making it to the official channel store of Roku.
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