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Roku applications deliver the ultimate entertainment experience where users get the accessibility to watch their favourite shows, movies, and other such forms of content on the go.

The application can be a handy remote that facilitates listening and enjoying music privately. Roku apps make it easier for viewers to control Roku TV and Roku players with ease.

Jhnvi Soft caters to the efficient process of Roku application development, right from consultation and development to maintenance and after-work solutions.

The year of establishment of the Roku app is officially considered 2010 when many modern features were added to the app. However, the Roku set-top box was first launched in 2008. The roots of the Roku app dates back to 2002 with Anatomy Woods being found in the given year.

Specific to the region, our team of Roku experts and consultants in Delhi have been rendering the application's smooth and seamless development and functioning processes with efficacy.

From letting an easy process of developing, uploading and deactivating features on the Roku app, the construction module of all our Delhi NCR clients are customized and curated preferentially.

The agile Roku team of Jhnvi soft spread in Delhi enables quick, efficient and robust services that intend purpose simplification on multiple media platforms.

Included amongst the prestigious Roku app development companies in Delhi, Jhnvi soft allows its customers to get an edge over the task tributaries of navigation, channels, category, building, customization and expansion get features as per the vision.

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With developers who have worked across several successful projects on Roku Apps, Jhnvi Soft provides you with robust, efficient, reliable, and careful Roku app development services on Multiple Roku media platforms.

Choose Jhnvi Soft, as with us, everything is easy, from uploading, sorting, and publishing to deactivating all Roku media content and keeping up with reports and stats on regional location and viewership. Get the ultimate advisory solution on your personal Roku app development and discuss the goals, project requirements, expectations, and strategy from experts for your Roku and Set-top box services.

Jhnvi Soft ensures a compatible delivery of Roku App Development solutions backed by a proven and tested delivery model.

Take control of Navigation, Categories, Channels, Graphics, Branding, and Metadata to your control and continue building, customizing, structuring, and expanding the features per your vision.

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Why Choose Jhnvi Soft

From bringing agility to solutions to making it look easy, working with us gets simpler here!.

The integrated CRM enables reaching out the queries to the admin, getting critical analyses, management of pipeline process and multiple functions attached to the Roku application. Experience seamless operating channels and real-world solutions right there!
To make it easy for you to reach out to solutions, we have our Roku consultants, developers and experts in Delhi so that you can reach out to them with ease. This structure has been specifically tailored for the Delhi NCR audience so that quality is well-secured through efficient communication chords.
The in-house team of Roku app developers in Delhi specialise in creating, designing and testing codes. The extensive experience in the Roku development background helps them build an application infrastructure and design layout that stands out!
To bridge the process and bring agility, the transparency in the development process has been pacified and updates on all sorts of integrations are rightly available. As a client, you are well aware of the functionality we promise to bring, ranging from application customizations to features.
Dependability on our service assures delivery date punctuality that is agreed by mutual consignment. It is an end-to-end secured channel that includes the process of listing, generating descriptions, obeying technical delivery timelines and abiding to regional submission.
Besides consultation and development, the package also ensures after-app support that deals with application maintenance and support. From regularly checking the channel for bugs to installing timely updates to the channel, Roku app maintenance support stands significant.

Our Roku Kit

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Coding Language

The framework we have curated for Roku applications is constructive despite being a barrier in the developer’s community. The offshore Brightscript coding language simplifies utilities and enables the creation of a futuristic developer’s library. The UI is set with the BrightScript platform with all the required components.

Consistent UI

The team is consistent in building strategies that align the concerns and render enhanced experiences in low-end gadgets, despite the slick UI acne graph experiences on Roku. To help the purpose of consistency and scalability, the MVC (Model View Controller Architecture) is followed!

Innovation and Personalization

Enabling audience's explore Roku’s capabilities and seek personalised experience is easy here. The robust experience gets added to Brightscript and Scene Graph for personal and commercial use. Device customizations and app alignment meet the innovation spirit by meeting industry standards

Channel Testing Tools

Prior to the application launch, the visibility, navigation and performance of the application is tested by running it in the production environment on various streaming platforms. The channel’s testing and multiple rebuffers are taken to accelerate crash report analysis.

App Upgrade

Understanding the need for timely application upgrade is significant. The app’s functioning is critically dependent on how it is being monitored once the development process has been completed, and it is running live. For successful and seamless running, it requires updates on time with other maintenance services like bug cleaning.


Industries We Have Covered!

Enabled multiple-niche Industries spread across Delhi NCR upscale business with Roku Development Service.

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Energy Resources and Utilities
  • Education
  • E-Commerce
  • Independent Software Vendors(ISVs)
  • FMCG
  • Travel

About us

Our Roku application development in Delhi NCR targets provision of effective, transpired, robust and assessed solutions that upscales the business to enable result-effective processes.

We aspire to understand the vision of our clients to provide them with a service they envisioned. From leveraging consultation needs to bringing ideation to reality, there’s a lot the team has already achieved and many to work upon.

To maintain the constructive process, we monitor the project when completed to analyse its appearance to the audience in the growing market. Altogether, it’s been ensured that there’s no end left unlocked!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are various parameters based on which one can call a company best. It is quite a subjective topic because if, for one client, punctuality categorizes ‘best,’ the other might lay emphasis on quality. You need to get your research right and find your best company. However, Jhnvi Soft is leading Roku App development companies in Delhi.
    Yes, offshore Roku app development is available in several regions across Delhi NCR and many leading companies operate from the city. Go online and browse the keyword, and you would find some!
    The cost of Roku BrightScript development varies from company to company and the list of services they have included in the package. The optimum average price varies from $5000 to $20,000
    The language in which Roku apps are written is called BrightScript programming language. It provides a premium level of experience in player platform streaming.
    Yes, you can create a personalized Roku channel for yourself. You would first require setting up Roku customers, billing, and developing accounts to achieve that. Next, log in to the new channel hidden under the Manage My Channel” tab.
    It is straightforward to find Roku consultancy services no matter where you are. Go online, browse the keyword, research, shortlist the best companies, visit their website, and connect to them for consultancy services.
    Yes, they do! The primary segment from where Roku makes money includes Platform and Players. In the player revenue format, Roku makes money through streaming player selling with the help of retail distribution channels of consumers, including significant brick-and-mortar retailers such as Walmart, online retailers, Amazon, and others.
    That’s not quite possible because the operating system of Roku is secured. Using any method to jailbreak Roku is illegal.
    The name ‘Roku’ means ‘six’ in Japanese, as Roku is the sixth company launched by Anthony Wood, he’s founder.
    Roku has a very intuitive and simple UI. They are not only affordable, but unbelievably easy to set. You can plug it into the TV, connect to Wi-Fi and stream your favourite channels like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services in minutes.
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