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Jhnvi Soft's Roku app developer in Bangalore end-to-end video delivery solutions that are highly efficient and rich in designs. If you are a video streaming business, you can easily manage your media on Roku apps, social sites, smart TVs, and mobile phones.

We have several years of experience delivering Roku application services from consultation to its development and maintenance. And are known as the best Roku app development company in Bangalore.

We help build custom-branded Roku apps by leveraging agile development processes. Based on our consumers' specific needs, we ensure compatibility of the app developed with almost all third-party Roku apps and ensure minimal risks.

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Our Roku experts in Bangalore are ever ready to help you and offer customised solutions with a robust backend and extraordinary front end. Be it any Roku app development need, we cater to all, ensuring results beyond expectations.

Our Roku consultants in Bangalore work closely with our customers throughout the development process. We have been delivering the best user experience with the latest Roku application support.

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Working with our team of Roku developers will be fun and you will get the opportunity for business expansion.

The app has an integrated CRM that enables easy communication with the admin regarding any query, critical analyses, pipeline process management, and other functions of the Roku app. You will get solutions to all real-world problems right from the app.
We have our offshore Roku development center in Bangalore to help local clients reach out to our team in person. It helps maintain efficient communication with our Bangalore clients to ensure the delivery of quality results that are beyond expectations.
Our Roku app developers in Bangalore are experts in using Roku software development kits to create extraordinary and robust Roku apps. Multiple tests are carried out to debug the app developed, maximise velocity and minimise risks.
We are one of the best Brightscript developers in Bangalore and follow an agile development methodology. Our team works closely with our clients and keeps updating them about all integrations made to their app. From the customizations to the integrated features, you will be aware of everything from start to finish.
We agree on a specific date for the delivery of the Roku app, and the date is fixed based on mutual consignment. The channel is completely secured and includes descriptions, listing, delivery timeline, and obeying the regional submission.
To ensure the success of a business strategy, we offer app maintenance services after the delivery of the Roku app. We ensure making timely updates to the channel, frequently checking for potential bugs and similar issues. Our maintenance services ensure the running of the Roku app in full flow.

Our Roku Kit

Discover our customised Roku kit that is made to suit different needs.

Coding Language

Despite the barrier present in the community of developers, we have curated a constructive framework for the application. Our developers leverage bright script language to simplify the creation of a developer's library for the future. The UI has every required component and is built using the Brightscript platform.

Consistent UI

We help design stunning Roku apps that have a beautiful, easy-to-navigate design. The apps developed deliver native experiences to the users. We follow MVC (Model View Controller) architecture to ensure consistency and stability for the apps developed.

Innovation and Personalization

The Roku app development kit enables personalization to a great extent. The audience can discover Roku's abilities and seek a custom experience. Experience is added to Scene Graph and Brightscript for both commercial and personal use.

Channel Testing Tools

The app developed is not launched directly into the market. Its navigation, visibility, performance, etc. are all tested by running the app in a production environment. Numerous rebuffers and testing reports help accelerate the analysis of crash reports.

App Upgrade

Timely upgrades are the key to ensuring the smooth functioning of an app. When the app is up and running in life, it is monitored for all potential problems. We ensure on-time updates to the app developed and also provide maintenance services like bug-cleaning to deliver the perfect streaming experience.


We have catered to numerous industries!

We have helped upscale businesses from multiple industries with offshore Roku development in Bangalore.

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Energy Resources and Utilities
  • Education
  • E-Commerce
  • Independent Software Vendors(ISVs)
  • FMCG
  • Travel

About Jhnvi Soft

We are Roku experts in Bangalore, expanding and building applications to solidify the seamlessly connected TV presence through OTT streaming solutions. We have multiple one-to-one sessions with our clients to understand their needs better.

This help helps us tailor solutions that fit their preferences and offer unmatched solutions. We offer end-to-end services to help transform the idea into reality. We have worked on multiple successful projects and aspire to work on thousands more.

Furthermore, we maintain quality and help differentiate your business by analyzing its appearance in the evolving market. Right from conception to completion, we have

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Roku is a brand of hardware digital media players manufactured by an American company named Roku, Inc. The company offers access to streaming media content from online services.
    We are one of the best Roku development companies in Bangalore, and the cost of the Roku app depends on the type of app you want and the features you want to integrate. Generally, getting an introductory price developed ranges from XYZ to XYZ.
    Don't forget that a Roku subscription is free, and you are not charged anything to get the device activated. It has always been free and will always be. If you are not sure about the activation process, you can review the steps of getting it activated.
    The Roku app is written in Brightscript programming language. We have the best Brightscript developer in Bangalore with years of experience in building scalable, high-performing apps.
    Roku has a developer tool known as the Roku Resource Monitor that enables the developers to track system resource usage metrics for the channel.
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