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Jhnvi Soft offers software and mobile app development services to help our clients use cutting-edge technology for their business. Using the latest technologies, we assist our clients in helping them take their business to the next level.

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Project Description

One of our most significant projects was with MYSUN, India’s largest online rooftop solar company in multiple states in North, Central, and Western India. MYSUN offers eco-friendly and budget-friendly solar energy consumption for its clients.

Jhnvi Soft worked with MYSUN to provide the best technology and support. We cater to all their needs like building a Website, Mobile, and Desktop applications. Jhnvi Soft also offer 24*7 AWS cloud services and management and dedicatedly assists MYSUN in all aspects of their business operations.

Key Challenges

  • Setting up a cost-efficient system for use.
  • Managing AWS Account, Website, Mobile and Desktop application.
  • Creating a trusty security system.
  • Managing MYSUN’s database.
  • Site survey App maintenance.

Proposition & Solution

Jhnvi Soft has the most optimum propositions and solutions for every possible problem! Here are some of the AWS solutions and services we have !

  • Cloud configuration & setting up new services upon need.
  • AWS cost management since the start of the project.
  • Security and database maintenance.
  • Cloud Managed services.
  • Web & Mobile App development.

Results & Benefits

Working with MYSUN, Jhnvi Soft has yielded excellent results and has gained profit for our clients and others. Some of the most beneficial outcomes of our MYSUN projects are:

  • Using our technologies and solutions, MYSUN has connected to customers from various parts of India and has successfully designed an eco-friendly energy source.
  • The cost price of their services has decreased due to our management skills and optimization expertise.
  • Management of all their customers and collecting information has been made simple and well-arranged with our site-survey app and desktop app.
  • Security and privacy of information due to our policies have made their services more prevalent among customers.
  • The overall quality of services provided by MYSUN has been improved by using the most suitable strategies and solutions.

Project Overview

Jhnvi Soft and our client MYSUN have taken up a project to make solar energy more accessible and cheap for the people in India. Our goal is to increase the use of non-conventional energy from the Sun to reduce pollution and other harmful side effects of conventional power.

CATEGORY: Business
STATUS: Completed
Time Frame: Six Months


  • React JS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • React Native

Client Reviews

Jhnvi Soft was the best choice for MYSUN as the experts from Jhnvi Soft handled our project perfectly and professionally without any hassle. The employees from Jhnvi Soft dedicatedly worked with us for the entirety of the projects and helped us through every difficulty.

I would recommend Jhnvi Soft and its excellent services to other businesses looking to find an end-to-end project solution. Jhnvi Soft builds custom solutions and caters to special requirements to give you the best working experience!.


Deeksha Mathur


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